Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 139
9.6.4 Using a Distribution List
Distribution lists are available as contacts when selecting the recipients of a voice message
from the Add/Remove Members panel. In Figure 9-9, the icon to the left of the Broadcast
and Executive entities indicate that they are distribution lists.
To select a distribution list, perform one of the following:
Enter the extension of a System List or the Broadcast list in the data entry field in
the top left corner of the panel
Enter the name of the Distribution List in the data entry field in the top left corner
of the panel
Scroll in the table on the left side of the panel and click on the name of the desired
Distribution list.
After selecting a list, pressing the Add button in the center of the panel adds the list to the
roster of message recipients.
Section 9.4.6 on page 130 describes the methods of sending voice messages.
9.7 Configuring Voice Mail
9.7.1 Options and Preferences
The Options and Preference: Voice Mail panel specifies the default interface for listening
and recording voice messages, records your spoken name that the system plays to callers
routed to your mailbox, and configures your voice mail password. Section A.2.7 on page
182 describes the Options and Preferences: Voice Mail panel.
Figure 9-9 Add/Remove Members panel
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