ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail
Delete button: Pressing the Delete button removes the highlighted list from the
List roster. The Delete button is disabled for System lists and the Broadcast list.
9.6.3 Managing User Distribution Lists Creating Distribution Lists
The title assigned to a distribution list becomes the contact name for that list. You type or
select that name when sending a voice message to the list members using the ShoreTel
Voice Mail Viewer or Microsoft Outlook. The assigned number becomes the telephone
number used when using the distribution list to deliver voice messages.
To create a distribution list
Step 1 Open the Distribution Lists panel by performing one of the following:
Click the Lists button on the Action bar.
Right click in the contents area and select Distribution Lists.
Step 2 Click the New button.
ShoreTel Communicator displays the Distribution Lists Details panel, in edit
mode, as shown in Figure 9-8.
Step 3 Type the title of the new distribution list in the List Name field
Step 4 Select an identification number through the Number box drop down list.
Step 5 Select a contact in the left list and press the Add button to include the member
in the user list. Repeat until all desired members are included in the list.
Step 6 Click the OK button to save the list and return to the Distribution Lists panel.
Figure 9-7 Distribution List Details – Viewing Mode
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