Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 135
9.6.2 Distribution Lists panel
The Distribution Lists panel, as shown in Figure 9-6, displays the accessible distribution
lists and provides tools for managing your lists. To access the Distribution Lists panel,
perform one of the following:
Click the Lists button on the Action bar.
Right click in the contents area and select Distribution Lists on the context menu.
Distribution Lists panel components include:
List roster: The List Roster is located on the left side of the panel and displays all
available distribution lists.
User Lists are denoted with a leading # sign in the number field. In Figure 9-6,
List_1 is a user list.
The Broadcast List is denoted by the name Broadcast.
System Lists are associated with an extension in the number field.
New button: Pressing the New button opens the Distribution List Details panel.
You create new lists and modify existing lists from this panel.
Edit/View button: Pressing the Edit/View button opens the Distribution List
Details panel for the highlighted list. The available components depend on the List
for which the panel was opened.
The panel opens a viewing panel for System and Broadcast list, as shown in
Figure 9-7.
The panel opens an edit panel for user lists. Section 9.6.3 describes the use of
this panel for modifying and creating Distribution Lists.
Prompt button: Pressing the Prompt button opens a recorder bar for the
highlighted list in the List roster. The prompt announces the name of the
distribution list when other users send a message to list members.
The Prompt button is disabled for System lists and the Broadcast list.
Figure 9-6 Distribution Lists panel
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