ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail
134 Configuring Escalation
The following steps are required to configure and enable Escalation Notification:
Step 1 Define Escalation profiles.
The Escalation panel lists the Escalation Profiles configured for your extension.
Section A.2.8 describes the Escalation panel.
Step 2 Assign Escalation profiles to Call Handling Modes.
Call Handling Modes are configured by opening the desired mode in the
Options and Preferences panel. The Voice mail escalation profile drop down
menu assigns a profile to the Call Handling Mode.
If you set Escalation Profile to None for a call handling mode, Escalation is
disabled for that mode.
Step 3 Enable Escalation from the Options and Preferences: Voice Mail panel by
clearing the Mark delivered voice mail as Heard parameter. Section A.2.7 on
page 182 describes the Options and Preferences: Voice Mail panel.
9.6 Distribution Lists
ShoreWare defines Distribution lists for sending voice messages to a group of system users.
The following sections describe ShoreWare distribution lists that you can access through
ShoreTel Communicator.
9.6.1 Distribution List Types
ShoreWare defines three types of distribution lists:
Broadcast List: ShoreWare defines one Broadcast List, which includes all systems
defined on the system. ShoreWare assigns an extension number to the Broadcast
You must have authorization, as configured by the System Administrator, to send
messages through the Broadcast Distribution List. Only the system administrator
can create, edit, or delete the Broadcast List.
System Lists: System Lists are defined for the entire ShoreWare system. The system
administrator creates and modifies system lists, which are then accessed by users
through an extension number assigned to the list.
You must have authorization, as configured by the System Administrator, to send
messages through System Distribution Lists. You cannot create, edit, or delete
System Distribution Lists through ShoreTel Communicator.
User Lists: User Lists are created by individual ShoreWare users for use by that
user. User Lists can be modified and accessed only by the creator of the list. Index
numbers, instead of extensions, are associated with each list.
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