Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 133 Escalation Structure
Escalation components interact with other ShoreTel Communicator components as
Invoking Profiles: Each Call Handling Mode provides a Voice Mail Escalation
Profile option that specifies one of your configured Notification profiles. When that
Call Handling Mode is active and Escalation is triggered, the profile specified by
this option defines the notification process until ShoreTel Communicator receives a
response. Section A.2.4 on page 178 describes the Call Handling Mode
Configuration panels that reference escalation profiles.
Activating Escalation: Escalation is activated by disabling Mark delivered voice
mail as Heard on Options and Preferences: Voice Mail panel. Section A.2.7 on
page 182 describes the Options and Preferences: Voice Mail panel. Escalation Process
The Escalation process consists of a trigger condition, a Notification Cycle, and a
Terminating Condition.
Trigger Condition: The trigger conditions specify the event required to initiate an
Escalation process. The following are the conditions required to initiate an escalation:
1. The active Call Handling Mode specifies a valid Escalation profile.
2. The Deliver Voice Mail as Heard on the Options and Preferences: Voice Mail panel
is not selected.
3. The user receives a call that generates a voice mail message.
Notification Cycle: After detecting the Trigger Condition, ShoreWare performs the
following steps until the Terminating Condition is satisfied:
1. ShoreTel Communicator sends a voice mail or a phone call to the address listed in
the first configured step in the profile.
2. ShoreTel Communicator waits for the period specified by the Timeout field.
3. ShoreTel Communicator repeats 1 and 2 for each configured step in the profile.
Executing 1 and 2 for all configured steps is defined as a notification cycle.
Terminating Condition: ShoreTel Communicator continues the Notification cycle until
one of the terminating conditions is satisfied:
The message that triggered the escalation is marked as Heard.
ShoreTel Communicator has performed the Notification Cycle the maximum
number of times. The maximum is defined as Repeat Count + 1, where Repeat
Count is specified in the Escalation Profile panel that configures the Escalation
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