ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail
Step 3 Enable Notification and specify the content of notification messages from the
Escalation Delivery Options drop down menu.
Select Disabled to prevent ShoreTel Communicator from sending you
notification messages.
Select one of the other options to enable personal notification.
Select Email Wave Mail to attach the voice message to your notification
Select Email Notification to send notification messages without
attaching the voice message.
Step 4 Specify the messages that trigger a personal notification from the Escalation
Notification Options radio buttons:
Select Escalate for each New Message to send a notification message
immediately when you receive a voice message.
Select Escalate for First Unheard Message to delay the notification message
for an inbound voice message until after all of your previously received
voice messages are marked Heard.
Step 5 Specify the email address to where ShoreTel Communicator sends your
messages in the Deliver to Email Address data entry field.
The Mark delivered voice mail as Heard option disables Notification Escalation, as
described in Section 9.5.3.
9.5.3 Notification Escalation
Notification Escalation initiates a series of contact attempts to various email addresses or
phone numbers when you do not respond to an inbound voice message. Notification
Escalation is typically enabled when you may receive messages requiring an immediate
The following sections describe the ShoreTel Communicator Escalation process and the
tasks required to configure and enable Escalation. Escalation Components
The Escalation process defines the following software components:
Step: A step consists of at least one contact address and a timeout. Contact
addresses can be phone numbers or email addresses. When the step is active,
ShoreWare delivers a notification message to each listed contact address. The
timeout specifies the period ShoreTel Communicator waits before the next contact
attempt. Section A.2.8.1 on page 184 describes the Escalation Profile panel that
defines all step for an escalation profile.
Profile: A profile consists of a list of steps that define a notification program and a
counter that specifies the maximum number of notification attempts. Each profile
may have a maximum of ten steps. A user may define a up to nine profiles to
specify multiple custom notification procedures for handling various situations.
Section A.2.8 on page 183 describes the Options and Preferences: Escalation panel
that lists all profiles defined for your extension.
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