Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 131
9.4.7 Viewing Voice Message Information
The voice mail properties dialog box displays properties of a voice message, including the
sender, subject, folder location, date of receipt, duration, urgency status, and forwarding
To view information about a voice message, perform one of the following:
Right click the message and select More Info
Select a message and select More Info on the Action bar
9.5 Voice Mail Notification
9.5.1 Introduction
Voice Mail Notification is a ShoreWare feature that sends email or initiates voice calls to
designated contact points when you receive a voice message. The purpose of Voice Mail
Notification is to inform you of inbound voice messages when ShoreTel Communicator or
other ShoreWare utilities are not immediately accessible.
ShoreTel Communicator provides two Notification levels:
Personal Notification: Personal Notification sends a single email message to a
specified address.
Notification Escalation: Notification Escalation initiates a series of contact
attempts to various email addresses or phone numbers. Notification Escalation is
typically enabled during periods when you may receive messages that require an
immediate response.
Voice Mail Notification is configured on the Voice Mail and Escalation panels of the
Options and Preferences window.
9.5.2 Personal Notification
When Personal Notification is enabled, ShoreTel Communicator sends a message to a
specified email address when your user account receives a voice message. You can program
ShoreTel Communicator to send only the notification message or to attach the inbound
voice message to the notification message.
To setup personal notification for your extension:
Step 1 Open the Options and Preferences window by performing one of the following:
Select Tools -> Options from the Main menu.
Click the Application Button and select Options.
Right click the ShoreTel Communicator icon in the System Tray and select
Press Ctrl+O.
Step 2 Select Voice Mail from the menu on the left side of the panel.
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