Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 127
Figure 9-3DDownload Indicator Exporting a Voice Mail Message
You can export a voice mail message to a .wav file for use by other applications.
To export the highlighted message to a wav file:
Step 1 Right click the message and select Export to. wav File.
ShoreTel Communicator opens a Save As windows folder.
Step 2 Select the desired file location for the .wav file and, if desired, modify the name
listed in the file name field.
Step 3 Click the Save button.
9.4 Managing Voice Messages
9.4.1 Listening to a Message
You can listen to your messages using either your computer's speakers or your telephone.
When listening to messages through your speakers, playback begins when you press the
Play button. When listening to messages through your telephone, pressing the Play button
triggers your phone to ring; message playback begins after you lift the receiver.
To listen to the highlighted message, perform one of the following:
Double click the message.
Click the play button in the Playback bar at the bottom of the Voice Mail viewer.
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