Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 125
Viewer operations that manipulate Voice Mail viewer heading bar contents include:
To add a column to the table, right click in the Message Contents region and
select Choose Columns. Then drag the column to be added to the desired
location in the Column Heading.
To sort the contents, click in the heading of the desired sort column. Clicking
repetitively in the field reverses the order of the sort.
To move a column to a different heading location, click and hold on the column
to be moved, then drag the column to the desired location.
To remove a column from the table, click and hold on the column to be removed
then drag the column from the table until a large X appears on the column.
Mailbox Contents: The table below the column headings displays your voice
The Voice Mail viewer displays components in a hierarchal file structure
The first hierarchical layer specifies the mailboxes, which are identified by the
extension receiving the messages.
The second hierarchical layer specifies the mailbox folders, including the
Inbox, Saved, and Deleted folders.
The third hierarchical layer lists the messages that each mailbox folder
Playback bar: The playback bar is located at the bottom of the Voice Mail viewer
and controls the audio playback of the highlighted message. Playback bar buttons,
listed from left to right, include:
Playback device: This icon controls the device through which you listen to
messages. You can select your PC speaker or assigned phone through this
When playing a voice mail using the speakers, a download indicator is
displayed to inform the user that the message is being downloaded for
playback. This indication will not be displayed when using the phone for
voice mail play-back. During the message download, the voice mail icon
will be replaced with an animated icon. When the user hovers over the
animated download icon a tooltip will be displayed - "Downloading
message…" The complete file must be downloaded locally before playback.
Play/Pause button: Press this button to control the playback of the highlighted
When this button displays a green arrow icon, pressing the button initiates
or continues audio playback of the message.
When this button displays a pause symbol (two parallel bars), pressing the
button pauses the audio playback. Pressing this button again resumes the
playback from the point it was paused.
Stop button: Press this button to discontinue playback of the highlighted
message and reset the playback cursor to the start of the message.
Cursor: This indicator specifies the current message point. During message
playback, this point indicates the part of the message that is being played.
During message pause or stop, this point indicates the part of the message that
ShoreTel Communicator plays when you press the play button. Click, hold,
and move the cursor to adjust the current message point.
Duration: The time indicators indicate the current message point, relative to
the beginning of the message, and the length of the message.
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