ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 9: Managing Voice Mail
Each mailbox contains three folders: an Inbox folder, a Saved folder, and a Deleted folder.
When you access Voice Mail through Outlook, the Saved folder is named Archive Folders.
Inbox Folder: The Inbox folder receives an extension’s inbound voice messages.
Messages remain in this folder until moved to the Saved or Delete folder.
Saved Folder: The Saved folder is a repository for messages that were previously
received but are not yet ready for deletion. Placing messages in the Saved folder.
Deleted Folder: Messages moved to the Deleted folder remain there until 2:00 a.m
(server) time, when ShoreWare removes messages that are at least 6 hours old.
Voice mail messages less than six hours old remain in the Deleted folder until 2:00
a.m. the next day. Messages moved to the Deleted Folder and then subsequently
deleted are removed from the system and cannot be recovered.
You can restore messages in the Deleted Folder by moving them to the Inbox or
Saved folders, after which they are safe from daily maintenance deletion.
9.2.2 Voice Messages
This section describes the properties and content of ShoreWare voice messages. Properties
ShoreWare defines two properties that categorize voice messages. Message status indicates
if a message has been heard. The Urgency Mark assigns an importance signal to a message.
Message Status: ShoreWare defines two message status levels – heard and unheard.
The message status is adjusted as follows:
The system changes the status of a message to Heard when you listen to the
You can manually change the message status by right clicking the message and
selecting Mark as Heard or Mark as Unheard.
A voice mail icon is displayed to notify the user if any unheard workgroup
voice mails exist. The notification area icon tool-tip display the number of
voice mails, as shown in the figure below.
Figure 9-1VVoice Mail Icon - Unheard Messages
ShoreWare uses Message status to select messages for deletion through the auto-
deletion operation, as described in Section
Urgency Mark: The Urgency Mark is assigned to a message by the sender and
indicates high importance or time relevance of the message. The Urgency Mark
setting is not editable.
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