ShoreTel 12.3 121
Managing Voice Mail
9.1 Introduction
ShoreTel Communicator provides access to voice messages received by your user and
workgroup extensions. Voice message actions that you can perform through ShoreTel
Communicator includes:
View a list of your messages
Listen to your messages
Compose and send new messages
Reply to a message
Specify the device for listening and composing messages
Manage your voice message files
Export messages for use by other applications
Call back the message sender
Forward a message
Delete a message during downloading
Create personal distribution lists
Save and delete messages
Export messages
ShoreWare provides two methods for handling voice mail.
Voice Mail Viewer is a ShoreTel Communicator component that is accessed from
the Main Window.
Outlook integration provides an alternative method for managing voice messages
from Outlook.
This chapter describes the ShoreTel Communicator Voice Mail Viewer and references this
viewer for all process and component descriptions. Refer to Section 14.3 on page 170 for
information on using Microsoft Outlook for managing voice mail.
9.2 Mailboxes and Messages
ShoreWare stores voice messages in mailboxes that are accessible to system users. This
section describes the properties of ShoreWare Mailboxes and Voice Messages
9.2.1 Mailboxes
ShoreWare defines one mailbox for each user extension and each workgroup extension.
User extension mailboxes are accessible only to the user assigned to the extension.
Workgroup mailboxes are available through Workgroup Agent, Workgroup Supervisor, and
Operator ShoreTel Communicator to all users assigned to the workgroup.
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