Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 113
Fields that contain commas must be surrounded by double quotes.
Example 1: “ShoreTel, Inc.”
Fields that do not contain double quotes or commas with double quotes may be
surrounded with double quotes.
Data fields with no information translate into blank entries in ShoreTel Communicator
Record Types
Each line in a CSV files corresponds to one data record. The end of a record is denoted by a
Carriage Return and Line Feed.
ShoreTel Communicator CSV integration files define three types of records
File Information Record: The File Information Record denotes the Source of the data
and the Version of the file. Inclusion of this record in the CSV file is optional. When it
is included, the File Information Record must be the first record in the file.
Source: This field is associated with all file records in ShoreTel Communicator and
corresponds to the Data Source column in the Directory Viewer. Typically, this
value is set to the original source of the file contents.
When this field is not included, ShoreTel Communicator uses the CSV or XML file
name as the Data Source contacts imported into the Directory Viewer.
Version: This field displays the version of the contact information. When included,
this field must be set to 1.0.
Source and Version variable declarations must conform to the following:
Syntax for the Source variable is Source=sourcetext.
Syntax for the Version variable is Version=versionname.
The Source and Version variables are optional.
Example 1: “Source=Lotus”,”Version=1.0”
Example 2: Source=Lotus, Version=1.0
Contact Header Record: The Contact Header Record is mandatory and lists the names
of the heading files in the Viewer Directory. The Contact Header Record is located
immediately after the File Information Record. If the file does not contain a File
Information Record, the Contact Header Record is the first record in the file.
Although field names correspond to Directory Viewer heading names, the field names
are not always identical to the heading.
The following is a list of valid field names for CSV import files:
Contact ID: This field uniquely identifies the contact record within the file. The
Contact ID is a string with a maximum of 126 characters. ShoreTel Communicator
does not display this field. All contact records require a Contact ID. If multiple
contact record contain identical Contact IDs, the last such contact is the list is
imported into ShoreTel Communicator and all other contacts with the same ID are
ShoreTel Communicator does not display the contents of this field.
First name: Directory Viewer displays contents under the First Name column.
Middle name: Directory Viewer displays contents under the Middle Name column.
Last name: Directory Viewer displays contents under the Last Name column.
Company: Directory Viewer displays contents under the Company column.
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