ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries
Directory Item Details
Details of contacts imported from the CSV or XML files are visible from the Directory Item
Details panel, access by right clicking a contact and selecting View Directory Item Detail.
The Directory Item Details panel, as shown in Figure 8-13, indicates the source of the file
in the first data field and states that the record contents are not editable.
Quick Dialer
The imported CSV/XML file contacts will be available in all QuickDialer controls. They will
appear in the list just like any other contact.
8.4.2 File Properties CSV Files
CSV files contains records, each of which consists of data fields. The following sections
describe the composition of CSV file fields and records.
Field Composition
Each field denotes one property for the file or for one contact. The field entries must
conform to the following syntax rules:
Data is of type strings and supports UTF-16 encoding.
Fields that contain a double quote must be surrounded by double quotes. Double
quotes are indicated by two double quotes.
Example 1: A “tiny” space -> “A ““tiny”” space””
Example 2: “Joe” -> “““Joe”””
Example 3: “Red” Wagon -> “““Red”” Wagon”
Figure 8-13 Directory Item Details
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