Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 111 Placing the File
Properly configured CSV and XML Files placed in the folder specified by the
ContactImportLocation key are immediately cached to ShoreTel Communicator. Changes
to these files are visible when the edited file is saved.
When a file is removed from the folder, the contacts listed in that file remain in the
Directory Viewer until ShoreTel Communicator is exited. Contacts removed from a file also
remain in the Directory Viewer. When ShoreTel Communicator is started again, all records
removed by contact deletion or file removal do not appear in the Directory Viewer. Viewing the Contacts
Directory View
Contacts imported from CSV or XML files appear in the Directory Viewer, as shown in
Figure 8-12. When contacts are grouped by data source, they appear under a heading that
lists the Data Source. When the contacts are grouped by company or not grouped, the Data
Source column indicates either the name of the originating file or the contents of the Name
field in the originating file.
Figure 8-12 Directory Viewer containing Imported Records
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