ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries
8.4.1 Implementation
The following sections describes the steps required for ShoreTel Communicator to import
records from a data file. Section 8.4.2 describes the properties of CSV and XML import files. Editing the Registry
ShoreTel Communicator reads data files located in a directory specified by the following
registry key:
Location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\ShoreWare Client
Key: ContactImportLocation.
The value in this registry is a string. The default value of this key is a string that points to
the Contacts directory in the user profile directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ ShoreWare Client\Contacts
The registry entry can point to a PC location or a server path.
ShoreTel Communicator does not automatically create this key or assign a default value to
it. This registry must be created and assigned to location of the contact files before ShoreTel
Communicator can import data records from the file.
WARNING Windows registry changes are effective immediately, and backups are not
created automatically. Only experienced personnel should attempt registry changes.
Figure 8-11 displays the registry editor after insertion of the ContactImportLocation key.
This registry is set up such that ShoreTel Communicator will import records from CSV and
XML files located in Bonnie Hopkinā€™s CM_Import folder.
Figure 8-11 ContactImportLocation key viewed in the Registry Editor
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