ShoreTel 12.3 11
1.1 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel Communicator, formerly known as Call Manager, is the end-user application for
all users across an organization, whether an operator, a Contact Center agent, a knowledge
worker, or a road warrior. ShoreTel Communicator for Windows is the application for the
Windows operating system.
1.2 ShoreTel Communicator Access Levels
While everyone on the ShoreTel system uses the same ShoreTel Communicator, different
types of users will have access to different feature capabilities based on their Access Level:
Personal Access comes standard with the ShoreTel UC system and offers a rich set
of features designed for ease of use at the desktop.
Professional Access offers advanced features such as IM, softphone, personalized
call handling and high-quality video for users who depend on constant
communication in their work environment.
ShoreTel includes SoftPhone and Standard Resolution Video licenses with the
purchase of a Professional Access License. Users must install these licenses to
access SoftPhone and VGA Video.
Workgroup Agent Access enables call center agents to perform automatic call
distribution (ACD) functions such as viewing calls in queue, log into queue, and
accessing team mailboxes.
Workgroup Supervisor Access helps call center supervisors to monitor all their
agent and queue activity. Supervisors can also monitor, coach, and barge into call
center sessions.
Operator Access provides features such as busy call appearance and call pick up
for operators, executive administrators and receptionists. Built-in tools include IM
and presence information.
Mobile Access offers mobile users access to familiar functions such as ShoreTel
QuickDialer, corporate and address book contacts, and visual voicemail. Users can
make their mobile phone the enterprise extension on the fly, and easily change
their call handling settings to meet their mobile requirements.
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