Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 109 Removing a Contact Entry
Deleting entries from a Contact List makes them inaccessible from the Contact Viewer.
Removing an entry from the a Contact List does not affect its corresponding Directory
entry. You can remove any contact from the contact list.
To delete a Contact, right-click the desired contact and select Delete Contact.
8.3.4 Contact List Operations
The list of operations that you can initiate through the Contact viewer include:
Initiate an instant message conversation
Send an email message
Initiate a voice call
Initiate a video call
Pickup a call
Unpark a call
Send a voice message
Send an Intercom message
Barge In
Silent Monitor
Whisper Page
Record a voice call
Remove a contact from the contact list.
To initiate a voice call to a contact’s default number, perform one of the following:
Double-click on the name of the desired contact.
Drag and drop the name of the desired contact into the Active Call Area in the
Main Window.
To initiate a voice call to any of the contact’s number or to initiate any other caller
operation, right click on the desired contact and select the operation or phone number
from the context menu.
8.4 Importing Contacts from other applications
ShoreTel Communicator supports the import of data records from CSV or XML files for
display in the Directory Viewer. The CSV and XML files contain lists of contacts and are
formatted specifically for integration with ShoreTel Communicator.
The CSV and XML files are not modified by the import process, nor are the contacts
permanently added to the user’s ShoreTel Communicator database.
ShoreTel Communicator caches CSV or XML file contents at start-up and after each file
change. The data is available in the Directory Viewer, Contacts Viewer, and QuickDialer.
ShoreTel Communicator reports errors during the cache process to the user and in log files.
ShoreTel Communicator receives records from all properly formatted CSV and XML files in
the target directory.
ShorePhones do not display records imported from other applications.
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