ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries
108 Editing a Contact Entry
You can edit the contact information for Personal contacts in the Directory Viewer or
Contact Viewer. You cannot change the name or contact information for System Directory
contacts or addresses imported from Outlook. You can change the default number from this
panel for all contacts.
To edit Contact address information through the Contact viewer:
Step 1 Right-click on the selected entry in the Contact viewer and select More Info
from the context menu
ShoreTel Communicator responds by displaying the Contact Properties panel
for the contact, as shown in Figure 8-10. The text at the top of the panel
indicates the edit status of the entry.
Step 2 Modify the desired data fields.
Step 3 Select a default phone number by clicking left of the label of the desired
number. This field is editable for all contacts.
The checkmark located left of a phone number indicates the number that
ShoreTel Communicator calls when you double-click a Contact viewer entry.
Step 4 Press the OK button to change the Contact and Directory information.
Figure 8-10 Edit Contact Entry panel
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