Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 107
Link this contact to an existing Directory Entry. Select this option to add a
contact that exists in the Directory viewer.
The panel displays a data entry field directly below the option text. Enter the
name, extension, or address of the Directory entry to be added to the Contacts
List in this field. All other data fields are filled with the Directory entry
information. Data fields are editable for Personal Directory entries. Data fields
are not editable for System or Outlook Directory entries.
Drag a name from the Directory viewer into the Contact viewer. If the Directory
window and the Contact List are in the same Content Area, dragging entries over
the Contacts tab switches the view to the Contact List.
This method is available only in Operator, Workgroup Agent, or Workgroup
Supervisor ShoreTel Communicator. Using Contacts Quick Dialer
When the user clicks the Add Contact option a dialog box will display where you
can enter the contact’s name and groups. As the user starts typing, the quick-dialer-
type drop down will be displayed for the user to choose an existing Directory entry.
The listed entries will display the Phone icon if that contact has a system extension
so that the telephony presence can be seen in the Contacts window or the IM icon
if that contact has IM.
Once an entry is selected from the list and the OK button is clicked, that entry will
be added to the specified group in the Contacts window. If a contact is already
present in the group that was originally selected, the dialog will try to select the
next group that does not contain the selected en-try, if possible. If all existing
groups already contain the contact, an error message will be shown and the entry
will not be added.
Figure 8-9QQuick Dialer Viewer
If you do not wish to add a Directory entry, but instead wants to create a new contact from
scratch, a new entry is available at the end of the match list, titled New Contact.
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