Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 103
8.3 Contact Viewer
The Contact Viewer provides access to Contact Groups, which are subsets of your directory
entries. Contact Groups provide convenient to directory entries that you frequently
reference. The Contact Viewer is available to Professional, Workgroup Agent, Workgroup
Supervisor, and Operator types of ShoreTel Communicator.
This section describes basic Contact Viewer functions. Chapter 12 describes Contact
Viewer functions available only to Workgroup Agent, Workgroup Supervisor, and
To open the Contact Viewer, perform one of the following:
Click the Application Button and select Windows -> Contacts
Select Windows -> Contacts from the Main Menu
Select Windows -> Contacts from the Assignment bar
Right click the ShoreTel icon in the system tray and select Windows -> Contacts
Press Ctrl+Shift+C
The Contact viewer opens in the Main window content area or in a Satellite window.
8.3.1 Contacts
Contacts are address entries selected from directories accessible to ShoreTel
Communicator, including the system directory, your personal directory and Microsoft
Outlook. Contact Groups are accessed from the Contacts Viewer and provide quick access
to address entries without navigating through the comprehensive directory. Users can
perform tasks on Contact Group entries such as initiating voice call or instant messages,
handling active calls, and sending email or voice messages.
Contacts are divided into Contact Groups. ShoreTel Communicator requires the definition
of at least one Contact Group; the initial default Contact Group is named Contacts. You can
create, rename, or delete Contact Groups.
The Contact Viewer displays the complete Contact List through a collapsible tree structure
that lists the defined Contact Groups. The tree can be expanded to view the contents of
selected Contact Groups.
A Contact can be placed in multiple Contact Groups. Contact groups cannot contain
Upon launching ShoreTel Communicator for the first time, the Contacts window displays
and explanation on what Contacts are and how they can be added to this window.
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