ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries
100 Adding Directory Entries to the Contact List
Contact groups are subsets of your Directory that provide convenient access to selected
Directory entries, as described in Section 8.3. You can add Directory entries to contact
groups from the Directory viewer.
To add a Directory entry to a contact list:
Step 1 Select an entry in the Director Viewer.
Step 2 Right-click the entry and select Add as a Contact.
Step 3 Select the contact list from the menu list, as shown in Figure 8-2.
You can also add an entry to a contact group by dragging a Directory entry into the
desired group in the Contact Viewer.
8.2.3 Managing Personal Directory Entries
In addition to displaying system users and your Outlook contacts, the Directory viewer
lists address entries for contacts that you add to your directory. The Directory viewer
indicates address entries that you added to the Directory by specifying the Data Source as
Personal Directory.
You can add, edit, and remove personal address entries through the Directory Viewer. You
cannot change the name or contact information for System Directory entries or addresses
imported from Outlook. You cannot remove System Directory entries or addresses
imported from Outlook.
To add a personal contact to the Directory Viewer:
Step 1 Right-click in the Directory Contents and select New Directory Entry.
ShoreTel Communicator displays the Directory item details panel, shown in
Figure 8-3.
Step 2 Enter the address information for the new personal contact.
Step 3 Press the OK button to add the address entry to your directory.
Figure 8-2 Directory Context Menu – Selecting a Contact Group
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