Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 65
Select this message again (play button) to hear the voice mail. You can play, pause, or re-listen to
a voice mail message. If you receive a call in the middle of listening to a message, the message
pauses until you are finished with the call. If you leave the voice mail screen during message
playback, the messages pauses until you return to the screen. Note that you cannot check voice
mail during a VoIP call.
Returning a Message
If a caller is one of your contacts or has caller ID enabled, you can call them back when they leave you
voice mail message.
To return a call from a voice mail message:
1. Select the voice mail message from the list.
2. Touch Call Back.
Deleting Messages
To delete a voice mail message:
1. Select a voice mail message from the list.
2. Touch Delete.
Specifying Call Handling Mode
Call Handling Mode sets how to handle your inbound calls. One mode is always active.
To specify the current Call Handling Mode:
3. From the ShoreTel Mobility options menu, select Settings > Preferences > Call Handling.Select
the mode you want. A check mark indicates your current mode.
Configure the Custom Call Handling Mode using the Configure Call Handling option in ShoreTel
Communicator. This configuration is mirrored in the ShoreTel Mobility Client when you select Custom.
Refer to the ShoreTel Communicator for Mobile User Guide for more information on configuring
Custom Call Handling Mode.
Selecting Out of Office sends all calls directly to voice mail without ringing your phone.
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