64 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
The default is Primary Phone (desk phone).
Use the following steps when ShoreTel Communicator is enabled.
To select an Extension Assignment:
1. From the ShoreTel Mobility options menu, touch your own information at the top of the menu to
open Common Settings.
2. Touch Extension Assignment.
3. Select Primary Phone to have incoming calls routed to your primary phone (in most cases, a desk
phone). Select another EA in the list to have incoming calls routed to that phone number. In this
case, the primary phone becomes “Anonymous”.
When anything other than Primary Phone is set, you will not receive incoming enterprise calls on
your mobile device.
Using Visual Voice Mail
When you receive a voice mail message, select Voicemail from the ShoreTel Mobility options menu to
play and manage voice mail messages. A number indicates how many unheard messages you have.
In your voice mail list, a message that you have not listened to appears in bold. After you listen to it, it
is no longer bold.You can return the call or delete the message.
When in Business Dial mode, you automatically access the corporate voice mail system. When in
Personal Dial mode, you access the native voice mail system is. Refer to Using Personal Dial (Dual
Persona™) Mode on page 22 for more information on Business Dial mode and Personal Dial mode.
Checking Voice Mail
When ShoreTel Communicator is enabled, check your visual voice mail as follows:
1. From the ShoreTel options menu, select Voicemail.
2. Select/highlight a voice mail message from the list.
Define EA numbers in ShoreTel Communicator. Refer to your device-specific ShoreTel Communicator
User Guide for more information. All additional EAs that you define in ShoreTel Communicator display
on the ShoreTel Mobility Client. Set EA in the ShoreTel Mobility Client selects/enables the active EA.
Visual Voicemail is not available for the Extension Only user.
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