Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 63
ShoreTel Communicator
ShoreTel Mobility supports the following ShoreTel Communicator features when ShoreTel
Communicator for Mobile is enabled:
Extension Assignment—Provides a list of phone numbers that can be used as an alternate to a
desk phone for incoming calls.
Visual Voice Mail—Displays the number of voice mail messages and information such as date,
time and duration, and allows you to listen to voice mail messages.
Call Handling Mode—Changes the call handling mode on the ShoreTel Mobility client.
Enabling ShoreTel Communicator
To enable ShoreTel Communicator when your Communicator credentials are different from your
ShoreTel Mobility credentials, refer to Changing ShoreTel Communicator Settings on page 58. In most
cases, your ShoreTel Communicator and Presence server’s user name and password are the same,
enabling Communicator to automatically log on.
Configuring Extension Assignment
The active Extension Assignment (EA) is an alternate phone number you can use to answer calls
coming into the ShoreTel extension. For example, set EA as your home phone number to route all
incoming calls to the ShoreTel extension to your home phone. When the EA is set to something other
than your desk phone, the desk phone displays “Anonymous” on the screen. Calls placed from the
desk phone in this state show “Caller ID unknown” on the called party’s display, since it is no longer
assigned to you.
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