Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 61
Dialing from a Meeting
Invitation or Calendar
With the ShoreTel Mobility Client, when you receive a meeting invitation or email message with a link
(or URL), you can select the link to join the conference. You can also dial extension digits to an
automated attendant, in the following situations:
Your device is connected to a corporate/enterprise Wi-Fi network.
You are connected to a cellular network or remote Wi-FI network and you are registered to the
Mobility Router for secure enterprise features.
Enabling Calendar Conference Dialing
When you first start up the ShoreTel Mobility Client after installing it, you may be prompted to access
your calendar and turn on your Today screen. Accessing your calendar lets you view your meetings
and dial in to meetings.
If you did not turn on your Today screen so you can see your calendar, you can turn it on later, as
1. From the ShoreTel Mobility options menu, touch Settings > Preferences > Calendar, and then
set Calendar Conference to ON.
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