Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 57
Changing Advanced Settings
You can modify the following advanced settings:
View general configuration settings.
View ShoreTel Communicator settings.
View or change your Client setup.
Reprovision a new or changed device.
Set up calling from a calendar event.
Turn on logging to help with troubleshooting.
To change advanced settings:
Select < in the upper left corner of the main screen, and then touch Settings > Advanced, and choose
from the following settings:
Configuration—Verify the settings. These fields are read-only and can only be changed by
re-provisioning the device.
ShoreTel Communicator—Set up ShoreTel Mobility Communicator options. See Changing
ShoreTel Communicator Settings on page 58 for more information.
Setup—Choose from the following setup options:
Auto start on reboot is enabled by default. Select/deselect the checkbox to control the
application startup behavior when the phone is rebooted.
Keep screen on during call is enabled by default. Turning on this option prevents the screen
from locking while on a call.
Select Disable to disable the application. The application will shutdown. Launch the
application and select Enable.
Disabling the application does not prevent you from receiving enterprise calls. When the
application is disabled, incoming enterprise calls may still connect to your device as cellular
voice calls.
To stop receiving enterprise calls on your device, your device must be removed from the
ShoreTel Mobility Router configuration. Contact your system administrator.
Bluetooth Headset is disabled by default. Select/deselect the checkbox to enable or disable
Bluetooth on VoIP on supported devices. Note: If your device does not support Bluetooth on a
VoIP call, this feature is unsupported.Bluetooth support for VoIP calling is an experimental and
unsupported feature. You may observe unexpected behavior during VoIP calls when a
Bluetooth audio device is connected.
Select Primary Device to change the setting to Yes and to make this device primary. Refer to
Reprovisioning on page 11 for more information about Primary Devices.
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