52 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
Adding a Favorite
To add a Directory Search contact to Favorites:
1. Search the directory for a person, as described in Viewing Directory Search User Information on
page 51.
2. Add the person to your contacts, as described in Adding a Directory Search Match to Contacts on
page 51.
3. After you add the person to your contacts, touch their name to see their details.
4. Touch the star to the right of the person’s number to add the person to your favorites.
Deleting a Favorite
1. From the ShoreTel Mobility options menu, touch Contacts and locate the contact you want to
remove from your favorites.
2. Touch the contact to see the person’s information.
3. Unselect the star next to the person’s number to remove them from your favorites.
Adding a Personal Contact
When you mark a contact as Personal, calls that you make to or from that contact use the native
cellular network, bypassing the Mobility Router. Complete the following steps to add a contact as
1. Select Contacts and choose a contact.
2. Select and hold the contact name to view a popup of options.
3. Select Add as personal. When you select this option, all calls to and from the contact are
considered personal and are not routed through the Mobility Router.
4. Press the contact name and hold again for the option to Remove from personal.
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