Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 51
2. Begin typing the name or number that you want to search for in the corporate directory, then select
the magnifying glass to perform the search.
3. Touch Continue Search on Enterprise Directory.
If a search matches a large number of records in the directory, you may not see not all records on
your screen. If any names in the directory match the string that you typed, those names appear.
For example, entering “joe” displays all users with first name or last name that start with this string.
Viewing Directory Search User Information
If your search finds a match, you see any associated information that a user has chosen to display in
the corporate directory (for example, home number or personal cell number).
The contact information that is listed depends on the information that is in the corporate directory. For
example, if a person does not enter a home phone number in the corporate directory, you do not see a
home phone number for that person in the additional contact information.
To see more details about a search results match:
1. From the list of Directory Search matches, scroll to the person’s name.
2. Touch the name to see more details.
The information you see for each person depends on what information the person has registered
on the enterprise server.
Placing a Call Using Directory Search
You can call a person in the directory search match list using the contact information from the list
instead of manually dialing the person’s phone number.
To place a call using a directory search match:
1. From the search results, select the person to see their details, including the numbers they have
registered on the server.
2. Touch a number to call it.
Adding a Directory Search Match to Contacts
You can add contact information from any directory search match to your mobile device’s local
To add a Directory Search match to your contacts:
Select a person from your serach results to see their details, and then touch +.
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