48 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
If you use the application to create a home location, there are two methods you can use:
Automatic—Use this method if you do not know the SSID of the access point, need to specify a
particular SSID, or do not need to specify multiple BSSIDs of the Wi-Fi access point.
When you use the automatic method, you cannot specify an SSID for the home location. The SSID
of the access point is automatically used. If there are multiple SSIDs at the location, the first SSID
that the application detects is the one used.
Manual—Use this method if you want to specify a particular SSID (for example, the location has
multiple SSIDs), or know that the Wi-Fi access point has multiple BSSIDs and you want to define
specific BSSIDs for the home location.
Each home location must have a unique SSID.
In addition to managing home locations with the application, you can also manage home locations with
the User Portal, as described in the ShoreTel Mobility User Portal Guide.
Complete the following steps to add a home location:
Deleting Home Locations
If you no longer want to include a home location as part of your user profile, you can delete it. If you
have only one home location defined and delete it, any calling rules or call routing options that use a
home location as criteria will no longer be activated when you are in proximity of the home location.
Use the User Portal to determine if your location is being used in your calling rules or calling options.
For more information, see the User Portal Guide.
Complete the following steps to delete a home location:
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