Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 41
Calling a Buddy
Call a buddy’s cellular or enterprise device, as follows:
1. From the ShoreTel Mobility options menu, touch Buddies.
2. Touch the person icon to the right of a buddy’s name to see buddy details.
3. Select a configured Work, Home or Mobile number, depending on the numbers that your buddy
has configured on the server.
Calling a Buddy While On Another Call
You can call a buddy while on another call. The first call is placed on hold when you call the second
party. You do not need to manually place the first call on hold.
To call a buddy when already on a call:
1. While on the first call, select the Android Menu key.
2. Touch Add Call.
3. Select a number from Recents, or use the keypad o enter a number. The first call is placed on
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