Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 37
5. Touch IM Notification Vibrate to set your mobile device to vibrate when you receive a notification.
Enabling/Disabling IM Preview
To enable/disable a preview of a new IM:
1. Select < in the upper left corner of the main screen to open the ShoreTel menu.
2. Select Settings > Preferences > Presence/IM.
3. Select or deselect Message Preview.
Starting a Conversation
To start an IM conversation:
1. From your buddy list, select a buddy to open a chat window. (You can also touch Messages from
the ShoreTel options menu to continue a previous conversation.)
2. Type a message to the buddy and touch the paper airplane icon to send the message.
Replying to an IM
When you receive an IM, the message pops up on your device’s screen, and the cursor flashes in the
IM text field. Reply to an IM, as follows:
Type your message and touch the paper airplane icon to send it.
Open and Close Instant Message Conversations
You can open previous conversations to continue them.
From the ShoreTel options menu, touch Messages to view all of your previous and current IM
Touch a conversation to open it and continue it, if you want.
When you are finished, press your phone’s Back key to return to your messages list.
Starting Multi-Party Conversations
You can add participants to a conversation to create a multi-party conversation. When you start a multi-
party conversation, you are called the Moderator, which means can also remove one or more
participants from the conversation.
Adding Participants
1. After you start an IM with one participant, select the Android menu button, then touch
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