Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 35
3. Touch the edit (pencil) icon in the upper right.
4. Touch + and enter a group name.
5. Touch + to save the new group.
Adding a Buddy to a Group
You can assign buddies to a group or groups.
Create a group before assigning a buddy to it. Refer to Creating Groups of Buddies on page 34 for
more information.
To add a buddy to a group:
1. From your buddys list, touch the person icon to the right of the buddy that you want to add to a
2. Touch Group.
3. Select the groups that you want your buddy to belong to, and then touch OK.
Deleting a Group
To remove a group:
1. From your buddy’s list, touch the edit (pencil) icon in the upper right.
2. On the Edit Buddies screen, touch the groups icon in the lower right.
3. From your groups list, touch the edit (pencil) icon in the upper right.
4. Select the group or groups you want to delete.
5. Touch the garabage can icon in the lower left to delete the group(s).
6. Select whether to remove just the group or both the group and all buddies in it. The group is
Viewing Notifications
When other people’s activity affects you, you receive a notification. For example, when a buddy adds
you to his/her buddy list, you receive a message.
To view and take action on notifications from buddies:
1. From your buddies list, touch the Android menu button in the upper right.
2. Touch Notifications. If you have notifications, the buddy or buddies who have performed an
action that affects you directly displays.
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