34 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
Complete the following steps to change a buddy’s access level:
1. From your buddy list, select a buddy’s icon to the far right of the buddy name to see the Buddy
Detail screen.
2. Touch the Access Level bubble to set the access level. (The bubble may already say an access
level, such as Company.)
3. Select the appropriate access level from Table 5 on page 33 to update your buddy’s access level.
Viewing Buddy Details
You can view buddy status, location, and contact information, as follows:
1. Touch Buddies.
2. Touch the person icon to the right of a buddy’s name to view your buddy’s detailed information.
Sorting the Buddy List
Use the following steps to sort your buddies:
1. From your Buddies list, touch the Android menu button in the upper right.
2. Touch Display Options.
3. Set whether to sort buddies by Name, Availability or Location.
4. Filter buddies by All Buddies, Online Buddies Only, or Offline Buddies Only.
Creating Groups of Buddies
You can create groups of Buddies. After creating a group, assign buddies to the group. Refer to Adding
a Buddy to a Group on page 35 for more information.
To create a group:
1. From your Buddies list, touch the edit (pencil) icon in the upper right.
2. On the Edit Buddies screen, touch the groups icon in the lower right.
Depending on the configuration of your mobile device and server, you might see different options
from the following examples.
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