Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 31
Enabling Presence
Enable Presence to add or delete buddies, create groups of buddies, sort buddies, as well as allow
others in the network to view your location and your availability.
Complete the following steps to enable Presence:
From the keypad, touch your connection status icon in the upper right.
Select < in the upper left corner of the main screen to open the ShoreTel menu, and then touch
Settings > Presence/IM. Verify that Presence is set to On.
Setting Presence Status
Set your Presence status so your buddies can see your availability, as follows:
1. Touch your own Presence icon at the top of the ShoreTel main menu to open the Common
Settings menu.
2. Touch Availability to set your status.
Setting Location
On your primary device, set your location to allow your buddies to view your location status, as follows:
When you enable Presence for the first time, the application may prompt you to confirm your user
name and password if your server user name differs from your Mobility Router user name. Enter your
credentials to resolve this authentication.
The Presence User Name can differ from the name used to provision the device. For example, if
someone borrows your device, touch Presence User Name and enter that person’s Presence
user name.
To find out your Buddies’s current status on the network, from the main ShoreTel options menu,
touch Buddies.
Depending on the status you choose, the indicator next to your buddy name changes.
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