26 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
3. Use the keypad to enter the number of the other conference call member, or select a Contact,
Buddy, Favorite or Recent. Select merge calls.
4. Select End to end the session.
Changing the Network While on an Active Call
You can set the default network used to place and receive calls using the Network Preferences tab.
Refer to Changing Preferences on page 54 for more information.
Changing from Wi-Fi to Cellular
1. After placing or receiving a call, touch Menu > Handover. The native phone dialer appears.
When you finish the call, touch the Back button to return to return to the ShoreTel Mobility application.
Changing from Cellular to Wi-Fi
1. When you receive a cellular call with a Wi-Fi or cell data (if enabled) network available, switch to
the ShoreTel Mobility application using one of the following methods:
Use the notification bar
Use a shortcut on the desktop/home screen (if available)
Touch and hold the Home key to select the application from Recents
Touch Applications > ShoreTel.
2. Select Use touch tone keypad to return access the ShoreTel application.
3. Select the Android menu key > Handover to handover the call to Wi-Fi.
If you originated the conference call, you cannot transfer the call from your mobile device to your
desk phone. Any of the other conference call participants using a mobile device running the
application can transfer the call to a desk phone.
If your call fails to connect more than once due to a weak connection, you are prompted to switch back
to Wi-Fi.
The ShoreTel Mobility application may not automatically be added to the Home screen upon
installation and therefore the application may be located in the Applications area.
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