Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 25
Transferring Calls
While you are on an active call on your mobile device, you can transfer the call to a specified phone
number or another one of your devices.
By default, transferring a call to your desk phone transfers to your enterprise extension. For more
information, see Changing Call Handling Preferences on page 54.
1. During the active call, select Transfer. The call is put on hold.
2. Select Move to my other device or Transfer to someone else.
Select Move to my other device to transfer this call to your desk phone.
Select Transfer to someone else to transfer this call to a contact. Enter the contact’s number
or select Contacts and then the name of the contact from the list.
Managing Conference Calls
You can merge two VoIP calls into a conference.
To make a conference call:
1. Place a call to one of the conference call participants.
2. While the call is active, touch Add Call. This call is put on hold.
For calls that use cellular data, Transfer is disabled if two calls are on-going. Also for cellular data
calls, on some CDMA devices, you may not be able to transfer calls.
Depending on your IP PBX, if you have more than one device, the call rings all other devices.
You can answer any of these other devices, including the desk phone. Contact your ShoreTel
Mobility administrator for details about your IP PBX configuration.
When transferring a call on the cellular network, the Android phone application displays the
cellular access number and the number called to receive the transfer. Touch the Android Back
key to return to the application.
You cannot make a conference call using the cellular network.
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