24 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
Using Recents to Place Calls
1. From the ShoreTel options menu, select Recents.
2. Select All to view all recent call activity, or select Missed to view only missed calls.
3. Select the number you want to call.
Using the
While you are on an active call, select Speaker to use the phone in hands-free mode.
Select Speaker to turn on the loudspeaker. The speaker button lights up.
Select Speaker again to turn off the loudspeaker and resume speaking holding the device to your
Muting a Call
While you are on an active call, you can mute your line so that the other party cannot hear you.
Select Mute to mute a call. The mute button lights up.
When on a call and muted, select the illuminated mute button to unmute.
Switching Between Calls
If you have one active call and one call on hold, you can switch between the calls. To switch between
Select Swap.
If you have one active call and one call on hold, moving out of range of the enterprise Wi-Fi network,
drops the call on hold.
Select Messages to view your Instant Message activity. Refer to Sending Instant Messages to
Buddies on page 36 for more information.
Do not hold the mobile device to your ear while the Speaker is on.
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