22 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
Placing a Call While on an Active Call
To make another call while on an active call:
1. Select Hold.
2. Select Add call. The dialpad becomes active.
3. Enter the new number. Select the green Call function.The first call displays as OnHold while the
second call is active.
Calls to non-routable three-digit numbers (such as 911, 411, N11) or numbers starting with an asterisk
or pound sign are placed directly using the cellular network and not routed through the application. You
cannot simultaneously have an enterprise network call and a call routed directly through the cellular
carrier’s network on the mobile device.
If you have an active call and a call on hold, you can switch between the calls. For more information
about switching between active calls, see Switching Between Calls on page 24.
Placing a Call while Paired with a Bluetooth Device
Bluetooth support for VoIP calling is an experimental and unsupported feature. You may experience
unexpected behavior during VoIP calls when connected with a Bluetooth audio device.
Ending an Active Call
Touch End to end an active call.
If the call you placed on hold is on the enterprise Wi-Fi network, and you move out of range of the
network, the call becomes active again while the call is moved from the wireless to the cellular
network. After the call is moved to the cellular network, the person that you were talking to can hear
If you are on a call using the enterprise network and enter a direct call number as defined in the
Mobility Router’s dial plan (for example, 411) or a phone number that starts with an asterisk (*) or
pound sign (#), the call on the enterprise network is dropped.
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