Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 21
Placing Calls
Place a call by using the keypad to enter numbers or by selecting a contact from your contacts,
buddies list, or recent calls.
If you are using the Mobility Client application to make a call over the cellular network, the call is
initially routed to the enterprise before being placed to the number you are calling. Refer to Changing
Preferences on page 54 for details.
The following types of calls are not routed through the enterprise:
Direct call number defined in the Mobility Router’s dial plan (for example, 411).
Calls with numbers starting with an asterisk (*) or the pound sign (#) (for example, *646# to check
remaining cellular plan minutes).
Emergency calls. Refer to Making Emergency Calls on page 27 for specific information about
placing an emergency call and the conditions under which these calls are allowed.
Personal Dial calls (calls placed with Personal Dial mode enabled).
Calls to cellular voice mail.
Complete the following steps to make a call:
1. From the keypad screen, enter the phone number you want to call.
2. Touch the Call key or touch the Call Using key to the left of the Call key to select how you want to
place the call (over Wi-Fi, Cellular Voice, or Personal Dial, for this call only).
Placing an Active Call on Hold
Select Hold to put an active call on hold. Unhold displays while on Hold.
Select Unhold to make the call active again.
After placing a call on the cellular network, the application moves to the background and the Android
dialer application opens. Select the Android Back key to return to the ShoreTel Mobility Client.
Without entering any numbers, if you tap the Call key twice, the keypad shows the last number
you called.
For cell calls on some CDMA devices, the Hold feature may not function properly.
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