12 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide Version 7.0
When you are provisioning remotely, for example not connected directly to your local enterprise
Wi-Fi network, enter the public IP address and port number of the Mobility Router and select Next
to continue.
6. Select Replace an existing device from the list of earlier provisioned devices. If more than one of
your devices is provisioned against this Mobility Router, a list of your devices appears, with the
Primary Device listed first during provisioning.
7. If you want to make this device the Primary Device, select Yes. The default is No. Select Next to
8. Fill in the phone number of the iPhone in the Mobile Number field. The Enterprise Extension and
Enterprise Full Number fields are populated from the ShoreTel Mobility Router.
9. Select Next.
10. Read the Provisioning message, and select OK to automatically exit the ShoreTel Mobility Client
Updating to the Latest ShoreTel Mobility Client
When there is an update available for the ShoreTel Mobility Client, you are automatically prompted to
update it when you restart the application.
You can also check for updates as follows:
1. From the ShoreTel Mobility options menu, touch Settings > Help > About > Check for Updates.
2. Touch Check for Updates. If an updated version of the ShoreTel Mobility Client is available, a
popup appears with the version number. Select OK to continue, and then select OK to replace the
application with the latest version.
3. Select Install.
4. Select Open to launch the ShoreTel Mobility Client, or select Done to launch the application at
another time and return to the device home screen.
If you see the following error message, update your Client to a newer version:
"Provisioning Error - Your account is prohibited to add device with old Client Version (below 6.0)."
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