Figure 2 Select the button box order
Step 5 The MAC address appears in the Name field. If desired, you
can rename the device to something that will be easier to
Step 6 Verify that the information is correct for the Site, Switch, and
other fields, and then in the Assign To drop-down menu,
click on the MAC address of the IP phone. (The name of the
user may appear next to the MAC address to indicate that he
or she is tied to this phone.)
Step 7 In the Button Box Order drop-down menu, select 1 if you
only have one BB24 assigned to this user’s phone. Only four
button boxes can be assigned to a single IP 212k, 230, or 560
After assigning the button box order, the administrator can
rearrange the order of the assigned boxes or can reassign the
button box device to the phone of another user, if desired.
Step 8 Click Save to store your changes.
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