To change the custom buttons on your IP 212k, 230, 560 phone or BB24
device via the telephone interface, follow the procedure below:
Step 1 Press the Options button on your IP phone and enter your
password, followed by the # key or OK soft key.
Step 2 Scroll through the list to option 4. Program Buttons, or press
4 on the keypad.
Step 3 Press the Edit soft key.
Step 4 Press the custom button that you would like to modify. (If
you are modifying the buttons on the BB24 device via the
212k/230/560 interface, press the button on the BB24 that
you would like to configure.)
Step 5 Scroll through the list of functions until you find the
function that you would like to apply to this button.
NOTE Your choices are limited to just Call Appearance and Dial
Number (i.e. Speed Dial) when programming the buttons via the
212k/230 interface. This limitation does not apply to the IP 560
phone. To program one of the other functions, contact your
system administrator.
Step 6 When you have highlighted the appropriate function, press
the Next soft key.
Step 7 Enter an extension, external number, or leave it blank. Then,
press the Next soft key.
Step 8 Press the soft key to shift the key pad between
numeric and alphabet mode.
Step 9 Use the key pad to enter a short descriptive label that will
remind you of the new function of the custom button. The
label can be up to five characters long for an IP 212k, 230, or
560 phone and up to six characters long for a BB24 button
Step 10 Press the Done soft key.
Step 11 Press the Done soft key again to store your changes.
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