Step 8 In the Label field to the left of the drop-down menu, enter a
descriptive word to remind the user which function is
associated with that button. This label will appear on the
LED display adjacent to the button. Note that this label can
be up to five characters long for the IP 212k, 230, and 560
phones and up to six characters long for the IP 100 phone
and BB24 device.
Step 9 After you have selected a function and entered a label for a
particular button, you may optionally enter destination
information in the Target field. Certain functions, such as
“record call” do not require entering a destination, but other
functions such as speed-dial or blind transfer can optionally
take a destination. Some functions take only extensions and
some take any type of phone number.
Step 10 When you have finished entering functions and labels for all
of the buttons, click the Save button at the top of the
window to store your changes.
To enable a user to configure the programmable buttons on his or her phone,
follow the procedure below:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director and enter the user ID and
Step 2 Click on the Administration link to expand the list (if it has
not already been expanded).
Step 3 Click on the Users link and then the Individual Users link
to display the list of users on this system.
Step 4 Click on the name of the user whose profile you would like
to modify (enabling him to customize the buttons on his IP
phone). A window similar to the one shown below appears.
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