Using Mailbox Options Using Voicemail 4
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 63
4. Press 3.
5. Chose one of the following options:
To log in and assign your extension, press 1.
To log out, press 2.
Enabling or Disabling Find Me Forwarding
When Find Me forwarding is enabled, calls sent to voicemail are routed to your Find Me forwarding
destination if the caller presses 1 while listening to your voicemail greeting.
You can enable or disable the Find Me forwarding option for the call handling mode that is currently
active. However, you hear the option to enable or disable Find Me forwarding only if it is configured in
one of the following ways:
Your ShoreTel administrator enabled the Find Me option for you, and you configured a Find Me
destination in ShoreTel Communicator.
You used ShoreTel Communicator to enable the Find Me option and to configure a Find Me
To enable or disable Find Me forwarding:
1. Log in to voicemail.
2. From the voicemail Main Menu, press 7 to access mailbox options.
3. Press 9.
4. Press 5.
5. Chose one of the following options:
To enable Find Me forwarding, press 1.
To disable Find Me forwarding, press 2.
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