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Using Mailbox Options
The Mailbox Options submenu in the voicemail system lets you handle the following tasks:
record your name
record a personal greeting
set your password
assign your extension to a phone
change your call handling mode
enable or disable envelope information
listen to deleted messages
remove deleted messages
enable or disable Outlook-automated call handling
enable or disable email delivery
change the agent state
enable or disable Find Me forwarding
Recording Your Name
1. Log in to voicemail.
2. From the voicemail Main Menu, press 7 to access mailbox options.
3. Press 6.
4. Record your name, and then press #.
5. Choose one of the following options:
To accept your name recording, press #.
To review your name recording, press 1.
To rerecord your name, press 2.
To delete this recording, press 3.
To cancel, press *.
Recording a Personal Greeting
1. Log in to voicemail.
2. Press 7 to access mailbox options.
3. Press 1 to record a personal greeting.
The personal greeting is linked to the active call handling mode.
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