Using the Join Feature to Conference Active Calls Using Advanced Features 3
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 45
Using the Join Feature to Conference Active Calls
When you are engaged in an active call or a conference call, you can add another incoming or held
call to your conference call through the Join feature.
To add the call to an existing call or conference call, press the Join soft key.
If there is only one other call on the phone, the new call is automatically added to the held call
or conference call.
If more than one other call is on hold, the phone displays a list of calls you can join the active
call to. Use the navigation key pad to scroll to the call you want to join, and press the Join soft
If the call in focus is a held call, when you press the Join soft key it joins the held call to the
active call.
Using the Intercom
The Intercom function allows you to connect with another party without ringing the party through a call
line. To use this feature, you and the other party must use ShoreTel IP phones and have the necessary
permissions enabled by your ShoreTel administrator.
The intercom functionality is also available as a soft key through the Directory, the History viewer, and
the conferencing feature. Your ShoreTel administrator can also configure the Intercom as a
programmed button.
To use the intercom to contact another party:
1. Lift the handset.
2. Dial * 15 followed by the extension number of the person you want to contact.
If you want to see the names of the people included in the conference call, press the Show soft
key. While showing conference participants, to drop a party from the conference call, use the
or navigation keys to scroll to that person’s name within this list. With the name highlighted,
press the Drop soft key. To return to the conference screen, press the Back soft key.
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