Understanding Call Handling Modes Customizing Your Phone 2
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 35
5. Press the call appearance button that you’d like to program.
6. With the Dial number option highlighted, press the Select soft key.
7. Enter the number that you want to program the button to dial.
8. Press the Next soft key.
9. Enter the label that you want displayed next to the button for that number.
10. Press the Done soft key.
11. Repeat steps 4-10 to program another button, or press the Exit soft key.
To de-program buttons:
1. Press the Options soft key.
2. Enter your voicemail password, and press the OK soft key.
The Options menu opens.
3. Press the navigation key to scroll to the Program buttons option.
4. With the Program buttons option highlighted, press the Edit soft key.
5. Press the programmed button that you want to change to a call appearance button.
6. With the Call appearance option highlighted, press the Select soft key.
7. To return to the Options menu, press the Exit soft key.
8. Press the Exit soft key.
Understanding Call Handling Modes
You can set five distinct call handling modes for your extension. These call handling modes can be
configured with “Do Not Disturb” options to forward incoming calls to another number or send them to
voicemail. Using the voicemail system, you can also record a different personal greeting for each call
handling mode.
With your phone, you can configure options for each call handling mode, such as call forwarding
destinations, number of rings, and simultaneous ring. (You can also configure these options in
ShoreTel Communicator.)
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