26 User Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g
Getting Started Using the Call History Viewer
Using the Call History Viewer
The History viewer displays recent inbound, outbound, missed, and transferred calls, with the most
recent call listed first. Each entry in the History list displays the caller’s name or number (if available)
and the time or date of the call. If no caller ID information is available for a particular number, the
phone displays “Caller ID Unknown.”
With the History viewer, you can view all calls, or you can filter to see only incoming (From), outgoing
(To), or missed calls. You can also dial directly from the History viewer or delete calls from your call
Figure 5: Call History Viewer
Viewing a List of All Calls Placed, Received, or Missed
1. Press the History button.
2. Use the and navigation keys to scroll through and review your call history. (To scroll
quickly, press and hold a navigation key.)
3. To filter the calls in your call history, do the following:
a. Press the More soft key.
b. Press the Filter soft key.
To close the History viewer, press the History button or the Exit soft key.
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