12 User Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g
Getting Started Your Phone’s Backlight Operation
Your Phone’s Backlight Operation
To save power, the backlight on your phone’s screen dims after a certain amount of time if the phone is
not in use. After hours and when the phone has not been used for a certain length of time, the phone
display goes completely blank. The length of time before the backlight dims and the after-business
hours that determine when the backlight is off are configured by your ShoreTel administrator.
The phone screen automatically returns to partial brightness at the start of business hours. At any
time, if you press a button on the phone or the phone receives an incoming call, the phone screen
returns to full brightness.
Adjusting the Display Contrast
1. With the phone on hook, press and hold the button.
The LED should not light and you shouldn't hear any tones; if this isn't the case, lift and replace the
2. Press the or key on the navigation key pad to increase or decrease contrast.
Reducing Glare on the Phone’s Screen
To reduce glare on your phone’s display screen, you can adjust the tilt angle of the stand on the back
of your phone. Detailed instructions are provided in the Quick Install Guide packaged with your phone.
Setting up Your Phone
To use all the functions of your ShoreTel IP phone, your phone needs to be assigned to you and you
need to know your password for the voicemail system. You can determine if your phone is assigned to
you as follows:
If the phone displays your name and extension, your ShoreTel administrator has already assigned
your phone to you, and you do not need to assign your extension to your phone. In this state, you
can receive calls, make calls, and check for new messages using visual voicemail.
If the phone displays “Available” and the date and time, use the procedure in Assigning Your
Extension to the Phone to assign your extension to your phone. Until your phone is assigned, you
can place internal calls by dialing a number or using the Directory, but you cannot receive calls or
use visual voicemail, and you might not be able to place external calls.
If the phone displays “Anonymous” and the date and time, this extension is assigned as the
primary phone for someone who is currently assigned to some other phone or endpoint. You can
assign your extension to the phone by following the procedure in Assigning Your Extension to the
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