Call Appearance Buttons and Programmable Buttons Getting Started 1
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 11
Figure 3: Elements on the Display of the IP Phone 480/480g
Call Appearance Buttons and Programmable Buttons
Your phone features eight call appearance buttons that show incoming, active, or held calls. These
buttons can also be programmed to speed dial a number or perform one-button call functions such as
silent monitor. For details about how you can program buttons to speed dial numbers, see Configuring
Programmable Buttons on page 34. For information about functions that your ShoreTel administrator
can configure for these programmable buttons, see Other Advanced Features on page 46.
Soft Keys
Your phone includes five soft keys whose function changes depending on the state of your phone. For
example, if your phone is idle, the soft keys let you modify settings such as your call handling mode or
phone options. If you have an active call, you can use the soft keys to do such things as hang up, park
the call, or join the call with another call to create a conference call. When the label on a soft key is
underlined with a dotted line, you can press the selector button on the navigation key pad to perform
the function identified on that soft key.
Missed call
Agent status
Soft keys
Context-sensitive keys let you perform actions based
on the phone’s status and the call type.
show active,
incoming, or
held calls
buttons provide
custom functions
such as speed
dial or extension
call handling
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